Prop Puller / Remover - OJ ACME

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Cassell Marine now offers OJ/Acme Prop Pullers.

OJ/Acme ski boat prop puller features include:

The OJ/Acme Prop Puller is a precision tool essential to remove any ski boat propeller.

Cast in stainless steel  to last the life of your boat.

The OJ/Acme Prop Puller is able to pull any 3 or 4 blade ski boat prop with a 1" or 1-1/4'' prop shaft.

VERY IMPORTANT PRECAUTION:   When using a prop puller always leave a nut on the shaft a few threads removed, so that when the prop breaks loose the nut can stop the prop and puller from causing injury.

Unlike it's description, the puller doesn't actually pull the propeller off, but fixes onto the prop and with a few hits of a hammer to the back of the puller, presto! you prop will dislodge without any hammer damage to your propeller.

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