Fynspray Pump-Imp.Ball Bearing 1

SKU: RWB2672

Sale price$930.00


These flexible impeller pumps have 2 self contained ball race bearing units. They are more compact than the plain bearing pumps, require very little maintenance (do not require greasing) and can run for longer periods at higher speeds giving greater output and less wear and tear on the pump. The pump body is manufactured from pressure gunmetal bronze with stainless shaft, 2 x ball race bearings units and flexible neoprene impeller. Sizes referred to are the internal female BSP size of the inlet / outlet ports. 1" double ball bearing pump. Shaft end dia. 16mm Pump size : 150mm L x 108mm W x 92mm H Base has 4 drilled fastening holes. Output up to 120 litres per minute at 2400 RPM

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