Quiet Flush Toilet - Salt Water Flush (Large)

SKU: RWB-J10-127

Model: 12V
Sale price$1,438.29 Regular price$1,522.00


Experience the pinnacle of comfort and innovation with the QUIET-FLUSH Salt Water Flush (Large) marine toilet. Crafted by Jabsco, this electric toilet system is designed to elevate your on-board experience to new heights of tranquillity.

Key Features:
- Dramatically reduced noise level for a peaceful environment
- Utilises a quiet electric Par-Max 4 diaphragm pump for salt water intake
- Replaces noisy impeller-driven flush pumps for enhanced comfort
- Two styles of water intake available
- Convenient remote mounting option for the pump

Upgrade your marine toilet to the QUIET-FLUSH system and enjoy a more serene life on board, even for those catching up on sleep.

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