Quiet Flush Toilet - Salt Water Flush (Standard)

SKU: RWB-J10-125

Model: 12V
Sale price$1,412.00 Regular price$1,495.00


Introducing the QUIET-FLUSH marine toilet by Jabsco - a revolutionary innovation designed to enhance the performance, comfort, and aesthetics of electric marine toilets. Say goodbye to noisy flush pumps and hello to tranquillity on board with the QUIET-FLUSH system. This electric toilet system not only reduces noise levels but also offers the same premium features as Jabsco's top-tier electric toilets, with added benefits.

Key Features:
- Utilises a quiet electric Par-Max 4 diaphragm pump for salt water intake
- Allows for flushing and rinsing of the bowl with ease
- Remote mountable pump for convenient positioning

Upgrade your marine toilet experience with the QUIET-FLUSH system and enjoy a peaceful environment on board, even for those catching up on sleep off watch. Elevate comfort and functionality with Jabsco's innovative marine toilet solution.

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