Ronstan Series 19 Ball Bearing Car - Reef


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Ronstan Series 19 Ball Bearing Car - Reef.

Car bodies are machined to precise specifications, then honed to an exceptional finish before being treated and anodised for maximum corrosion protection. Minimum distance from mast to mainsail luff enhance efficiency


  • Monohulls to 14m (46ft) or sail area 44 m2 (474 ft2)
  • Multihulls to 11m (36ft) or sail area 37 m2(398 ft2)
  • RC119xxD - suitable for monohulls to 13m (43ft) or sail area 43m2(463ft2)
  • RC119xxD - suitable for multihulls to 10m (33ft) or sail area 36m2(388ft2).

Material: Acetal bearings


Sailing professionals around the world choose Ronstan batten systems for superior and innovative features combined with race-proven performance and reliability.

  • With 7 track sizes in the standard product range, there is a system with the right specifications for every boat and sail plan.
  • The range includes all elements for a complete system, including headboard plates and batten receptacles.
  • Easy track installation using patented slug connectors.
  • Ball Bearing cars run on twin races of recirculating ball bearings that engage with the track profile for excellent all round performance, even when reefing while sailing off the wind.


Cars run on twin races of Torlon® ball bearings specifically designed for the high compression loads of these systems. Machined alloy end caps ensure precision bearing performance and durability of the cars. Reef cars are available for the larger track sizes for higher strength at critical loading points.


Luff Groove tracks allow racer/cruisers to switch between their "soft luff" racing mainsail and their full batten cruising mainsail. These tracks are usually bonded to carbon masts with special adhesives or mechanically fastened to alloy masts.


A patented connector slug system, compatible with a wide range `of mast profiles, is available for Series 19 to 30 track sizes. The system enables installation of the track over an existing luff groove without lowering the mast, drilling and tapping for fasteners, or other complications. The slugs are self-locating, for simple, reliable installation.

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