Rule 1100 GPH 4160 LPH Rule-Mate Automatic Boat Bilge Pump 24V


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All NEW versions of the Rule-Mate fully automatic submersible bilge pumps offering more compact size with high performance & reliability. The RULE brand builds on more than 50 years of operational experience, innovation, design excellence & application expertise to offer modern solutions to todays boat owners and boatbuilders.

The NEW Rule-Mate Automatic bilge pumps are packed with many improved and additional features that are not available in other brands of bilge pumps.

  • More compact size - only 2/3 the size of the previous versions
  • Auto-sense intelligence fully automatic water level sensing
  • Fully automatic pump in 1 common compact housing
  • Pump and sensor are internally common wired for easy installation
  • No battery drain other than when the pump is in use
  • Optimised impeller design gives up to 10% higher flow than previous versions - at the same amperage
  • Built-in thermal cut-out (TCO) to protect the pump & the vessel
  • Supplied with back flow prevention - check valve in outlet port
  • Anti-Airlock design has hidden air vents in the pump body
  • Safety back-up operating mode prevents continuous running if the sensor or impeller is fouled by debris
  • Pump check feature - touch and hold for 5 seconds on the "touch here" button on the pump casing - to instantly check the operation of the pump

    The NEW Rule-Mate bilge pumps operate using an internal water level sensor. When the bilge water level reaches 62mm height the pump will automatically activate, removing water from the bilge. When the water level goes down to 16mm height the pump will automatically shut off until the water level rises again. Hidden air vents in the body of the pump helps prevent air locking in challenging plumbing installations. A check valve is included in the discharge nozzle to prevent water running back into the bilge. The smaller footprint of the NEW Rule-Mate pumps (only 2/3 the size of the previous versions) allows mounting in tighter spaces.

  • Threaded discharge nozzle for easier installation and maintenance
  • Removable strainer to access impeller area to clear any debris
  • A 3rd wire allows for manual over-ride using a Rule switch panel
  • 3 year limited warranty
  • 1100 US Gallons per hour - 69 Litres per minute at open flow
  • 790 US Gallons per hour - 49 Litres per minute at 1 metre head
  • Supplied with 2 x straight hose outlets -1 x 25mm (1") & 28mm (1 1/8")


RWB827 24 volt 1100 GPH - 69 LPM. Rule model RM1100B-24 2.0 amp @ 24V, 2.3 amp @ 27.2V. Fuse size 4 amp.

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