Rule IL200 "Niagara" Economy Electric Pump

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Litres Per Minute: 12LPM
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Introducing the Rule IL200 "Niagara" Economy Electric Pump, a versatile solution for various applications. This dual fully submersible and in-line pump offers exceptional functionality for boating, caravan, industrial, agricultural, and general use. Key features include:

- Ideal for boating: freshwater pump, emergency bilge pump, saltwater deck wash/shower pump, and diesel fuel transfer (excluding petrol).
- Versatile for general use: portable pump with long electrical leads, suitable for pumping chemicals and transferring diesel fuel.
- Perfect for caravan/camping: delivers freshwater from a tank or stream.

The Rule IL200 pump is not self-priming and requires gravity feed or a one-way valve for proper operation. Its clip-on, clip-off strainer allows for easy maintenance and hose connection for in-line pumping. With a slim design, this pump fits into small spaces effortlessly and can be used with a 20-litre drum.

Product Specifications:
- Suitable for water only
- Intermittently rated motor
- 12 litres per minute capacity, 14 PSI, 7.5-metre head
- Dual-use: submersible or 13mm (1/2") hose inline pump
- Includes 1 metre of wiring cable
- Extra slim body size: 130 x 36 mm

Upgrade your pumping needs with the Rule IL200 "Niagara" Economy Electric Pump, offering reliability and efficiency for a wide range of applications.

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