Rule-Mate Bilge Pump - 500GPH Automatic


Voltage: 12V
Sale price$149.00 Regular price$195.00


Introducing the Rule-Mate Bilge Pump - 500GPH Automatic, the next-generation solution for smaller watercraft. This compact submersible pump boasts a high capacity output while drawing low current, thanks to its optimised impeller design. With a stainless steel shaft and a snap-on strainer base, this pump is not only efficient but also durable. The inclusion of a built-in thermal cut-out and backflow prevention check valve ensures both the pump and your vessel are well-protected. Measuring just 99mm in height, 74mm in width, and 64mm in depth, this pump is designed to fit snugly into tight spaces. Upgrade your watercraft with the Rule-Mate Bilge Pump - 500GPH Automatic today.

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