Rule-Mate Bilge Pump Rule 500gph

SKU: rwb1388

Sale price$135.00


Rule-Mate fully automatic submersible bilge pumps with Rule's exclusive "Spongeability" feature.

Award winning innovative design incorporates the bilge pump and float switch in a single housing.

Unique Rule "Spongeability" feature leaves the bilge the driest ever - When the float switch drops and the pump senses no load against the impeller, the shut off phase begins.

At that point the pump will run an additional 15 seconds allowing the pump to take the bilge water level down by an additional 10mm, reducing boat weight, saving fuel and minimizing bilge odour. 12v.

3 year limited warranty.

  • Fully automatic submersible bilge pump systems
  • Non-mercury float switch and pump in a common housing
  • No cycling - 2 second delayed action - eliminating any false starts
  • No battery drain other than when pump is in use
  • Removable strainer and impeller area are accessable to clear debris
  • Additional coarse screen stainless steel strainer included
  • Pump and switch are internally wired for easy installation
  • A 3rd wire allows for manual over-ride using Rule switch panel (not included) or it can activate an alarm or indicator lamp


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