AquaViro S/S Rejuvenate/Protect 4L

SKU: RWB5769

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Introducing AquaViro S/S Rejuvenate/Protect 4L, the ultimate solution for rejuvenating and protecting stainless steel surfaces. This natural oil-based product not only brings back the shine to old or dull stainless steel but also lubricates and safeguards stainless wire rope. With just a simple buff, you can achieve the desired lustre, making cleaning a breeze for next time.

Formulated with a natural oil-based solvent, this product is not only effective but also environmentally friendly, being non-toxic and biodegradable. For optimal results, pair with AquaViro's cleaner & preparer before applying the rejuvenator and protector to keep your stainless steel looking pristine and shielded from the elements.

Ideal for marine stainless steel surfaces, as well as perfect for the hospitality and fast food industry, AquaViro S/S Rejuvenate/Protect 4L is a truly superior product that will elevate the maintenance of your stainless steel assets to a whole new level.

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