SeaStar Side Mount Hydraulic Steering Kit 291610 291614 291612

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Types: 291610 Single Outboard
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Seastar's simplest hydraulic steering system. Easy to install, only three components:
Helm, cylinder and tubing.
A great alternative for wide, shallow splashwells.

Single and dual non power assisted outboard engines up to 300hp (600hp combined hp for counter rotating duals) that have standard engine tilt tube.
Suitable for speeds up to 60mph.

• Independent engine tilt for twin engine installations
• One common cylinder fits most outboards engines
• Convenient tilt tube mounting as per ABYC/NMMA/BIA standards
• Ideal for shallow splashwells
• Anodised alloy cylinder for reduced friction and longer seal life
• Chromed stainless steel push rod for extended seal life

Complete kit contains:
1 x 291010 Side Mount cylinder
1 x 291502 SeaStar 1.7 front mount helm
1 x 292997 15m x 3/8" nylon semi-rigid tube
2 x 293610 nut and olive kit
3 x 291902 1 litre hydraulic steering oil

For extra steering station add:
1 x 291502 Helm - SeaStar 1.7 - front mount
1 x 293604 Add a station/pilot fitting kit
1 x 291902 1 litre Teleflex oil

135.2cc ( / 160.9cc (9.8cu. in) unbalanced cylinder displacement, 31.7mm (1.25") bore, 203mm (8") stroke.
4.8/5.7 turns lock to lock.

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