Series 50080 1 & 1/2 Inch BSP Port Electric Clutch Pumps - 1B Pulley

SKU: RWB-J50-144

Volts: 12V
Sale price$1,759.59 Regular price$1,862.00


Introducing the Series 50080 1 & 1/2 Inch BSP Port Electric Clutch Pump with 1B Pulley. Crafted from robust bronze, this high-capacity pump with a flexible impeller and electrically operated clutch is designed for various marine applications. Ideal for bilge, deckwash, ballast transfer, or fire fighting purposes on both leisure and commercial vessels. Equipped with a belt-driven mechanism and an electromagnetic clutch, this pump can be conveniently remote-controlled from outside the engine room. With a self-priming capability of up to 4.5 metres vertical lift, this pump boasts a flow rate of 6,400 litres per hour at 3-metre head @ 1,500 RPM. Reliable, efficient, and easily serviced, this pump is the perfect solution for your marine pumping needs.

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