Series 50080 1 Inch BSP Port Electric Clutch Pumps - 2A Pulley

SKU: RWB-J50-142

Volts: 12V
Sale price$1,448.69 Regular price$1,533.00


Introducing the Series 50080 1 Inch BSP Port Electric Clutch Pump with 2A Pulley. Perfect for marine applications, this bronze pump with a flexible impeller and electrically operated clutch offers high capacity and reliability. With the ability to handle bilge, deckwash, ballast transfer, or fire fighting tasks, this pump is a versatile choice for both leisure and commercial vessels. Enjoy the convenience of remote control operation thanks to the electro-magnetic clutch, allowing you to engage or disengage the pump from anywhere outside the engine room. Robust and easily maintained, this pump is designed to tackle bilge debris with ease. Self-priming up to 4.5 metres vertical lift, this pump delivers a flow rate of 6,400 litres per hour at 3 metre head @ 1,500 RPM. Ensure smooth operation by using the recommended fuse size of 5 amp for 12-volt systems and 2.5 amp for 24-volt systems. Upgrade your marine setup with this efficient and reliable electric clutch pump.

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