Series 50270 2 Inch BSP Port Electric Clutch Pumps - 1B Pulley

SKU: RWB-J50-148

Volts: 12V
Sale price$2,259.50 Regular price$2,391.00


Introducing the Series 50270 2 Inch BSP Port Electric Clutch Pump with 1B Pulley, a powerhouse for heavy-duty commercial applications. This pump boasts a robust construction with dual bearings and mechanical seals, ensuring exceptional durability. Equipped with a 12 or 24-volt clutch and a single B or double A section pulley, it offers versatility to suit various needs. With a self-priming capability of up to 4.5 metres, this pump delivers a remarkable flow rate of 22,000 litres per hour (4,840 GPH) at 3-metre head @ 1,500 RPM. Ensure optimal performance with a 5-amp fuse for 12 volts and a 2.5-amp fuse for 24 volts. Upgrade your commercial setup with this reliable and high-performing electric clutch pump.

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