Snap-In Port Kits - Washdown Hose Port

SKU: RWB-J25-145

Suits Hose Type: HoseCoil Hose
Sale price$9.41 Regular price$11.00


Enhance the functionality of your Jabsco pumps and accumulator tanks with the Snap-In Port Kits - Washdown Hose Port. Designed in pairs, these Jabsco port kits are compatible with various pump models, offering seamless adaptation to different hose sizes and plumbing configurations. The plug-in port part, measuring 19mm (3/4") in diameter, ensures effortless replacement and interchangeability. For added convenience, opt for the optional snap-in port kit with a thread tailored to suit HoseCoil hose end fittings. Elevate your washdown pump setup by effortlessly attaching the HoseCoil hose directly to your Jabsco or Flojet pump ports. Experience enhanced versatility and ease with these innovative port kits.

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