Solar / Wind Powered 360 Degree LED Navigation Light

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Solar / Wind Powered 360 Degree LED Navigation Light.

Designed as a navigation and Safety combination light.

  • 8-33V light functions are hardwired and controlled via the vessels switch board.
  • ›› Navigation (Port, Starboard, Stern)
  • ›› Anchor Light (All Round White)
  • Safety/ Warning lights utilise the lithium battery which is charged via Solar, Wind and External power source.
  • Solar/ Wind powered functions
  • ›› Day/ Night Red Flash 2s
  • ›› Red Flash 1s
  • ›› Red Steady
  • ›› White SOS
  • ›› White Steady (anchor)
  • Mounting: Vertical or Tube 19-32mm.
  • Rechargeable Battery: Lithium-Solar/Wind External.
  • Remote Control Distance: Max. 30Mtr.
  • Storage Temperature: -30°C~+65°C.
  • The first function utilises light-sensitivity activation to automatically turn on/ off.
  • The other functions can be activated via the wireless remote.
  • Solar/ Wind powered functions will not operate while hardwired functions are in operation.
  • An 8 hour initial charge may be required.
  • To maintain optimal battery life the unit requires charging every 3 months.
  • Can be used on vessels up to 20Mtr.
  • Designed according to the COLREG72, EN14744 and IEC60945 standards.


  • Powerboats (length up to 20Mtr)
  • Sailboats (length up to 50Mtr)
  • Fishing Boats

Accessories Include:

  • 1 x Shim
  • 1 x Wireless Remote
  • 1 x Instruction
  • 1 x Anti Bird Thorn
  • 1 x L Shape Support
  • 2 x Nuts
  • 6 x Screws
  • 6 x Clips

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