Stepped Stainless Steel "U" Bolts - RWB

SKU: RWB-2695

Length: 76mm
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Introducing the Stepped Stainless Steel "U" Bolts by RWB, crafted from high-quality 304 grade stainless steel. These bolts feature a unique stepped shaft design, providing a sturdy bearing surface for the bearing plate, ensuring exceptional strength and durability. Each bolt is equipped with an 8mm thread and 10mm diameter material for reliable performance. Choose from a range of lengths to suit your specific needs:

- 76mm (L1), 32mm (D1), 8mm (D2)
- 90mm (L1), 47mm (D1), 8mm (D2)
- 115mm (L1), 47mm (D1), 8mm (D2)
- 140mm (L1), 47mm (D1), 8mm (D2)

Enhance your projects with these premium RWB "U" bolts, designed to meet your requirements with precision and quality.

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