StingRay Hydrofoil - StarFire

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Colour: Black
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StarFire Hydrofoil manufactured by StingRay.

  • The StarFire combines a swept back delta wing profile with a unique, inverted trailing edge which is designed to relieve drag.
  • The swept back extended wing tips act as excellent stabilisers once the boat is up on the plane while the inverted concave trailing edge minimises drag and increases fuel economy and top end speed.
  • The quick fit no drill design installs in under 10 minutes with little effort and hugs the cavitation plate extremely closely, preventing excess drag.
  • An additional design element is the optional drill attachment feature, highlighted in the yellow circles.
  • The drill attachment option requires only two holes to pass through the cavitation plate for installation, which are used to bolt the StarFire securely in place.
  • For outboard motors ranging from 40 to 300HP StarFire’s incredibly sleek overall profile combines minimal drag with excellent lift characteristics while increasing stability.
  • Available in black, white and grey and finished with an inlayed stainless steel graphic that won’t scratch, tear, fade or peal.


  • Fast fit No-Drill attachment or optional bolt through cavitation plate
  • Swept back delta wing profile provides stability
  • Unique inverted trailing edge and low profile design minimises drag
  • Suitable for outboard motors from 40 to 300HP
  • Available in black, white and grey

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