TEMO 450 Electric Motor Package

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TEMO·450 is a new electric powered engine for small tenders and inflatables. Eco-friendly, universal and light, the TEMO propulsion solution takes care of both boaters and the environment.

With its 450W motor, TEMO offers a PROPULSIVE POWER OF 200W thanks to efficiency optimized with the help of the best technical experts.

It gives the thrust equivalent of three well-trained rowers, more than enough for all your daily dinghy transfers. Designed to adapt to all boat types and uses, TEMO allows you to make your dinghy trips and your harbour and mooring manoeuvres without stressing your body or your mind.

Practical and ELECTRIC! With TEMO, there’s no need to remove the battery to recharge it. Plug it directly into a 220V or 12V socket, and then enjoy 80 minutes of range at cruising speed.

Enough to ensure all your daily transfers and reach the shore or your boat with peace of mind. 

EMO·450 package includes:

- The TEMO 450W motor

- The 220V charger

- The rowlock fitting kit to simply attach it to your dinghy

- The security device (safety strap and magnetic key)

- The microfiber cloth

Engine: Motor power 450W, Propulsive power 200W, Static thrust 12 Kg Loading 220v or 12v, Recharging time (220V) 3H, Rated voltage 25V Use: Tilt angle 30° max, Acceleration Trigger progressive, Forward/Reverse Design: Total weight in kg 4.9, Length 130 to 170 cm, Three-blade propeller diameter 17,5cm, Waterproofing IP67

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