TFX Steering Rack Helm - Back Mount

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The Rack Steering features the precision and easy feel of
four turns lock to lock and a back mount design that
allows connection of the cable to the helm prior to
installation of the helm to the dash.

Best of all, it’s a drop in replacement for 1985 - 1996 'The Rack' system and
also Morse® Command 200.

The helm unit incorporates a machine cut pinion gear
that engages a rack and cable assembly, which drives an
armour standard core to minimise steering effort.


• Ski boats

• Runabouts

• Small cruisers

• House boats

• Steering wheels up to 400mm

• All outboards to V6

Featuring a back mount for easy installation.

Die cast zinc alloy housing.

This helm accepts SSC134 rack cables.

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