Titanium Pipe Shield


DEI - Titanium Pipe Shield: 4" x 8"
Sale price$90.79


Titanium Pipe Shield with Stainless Clamps.Extreme heat can rob power and potentially damage engines, transmissions, hoses, and sensitive electrical components. DEI’s Titanium Pipe Shield combines the high heat tolerance of DEI’s proprietary LR fiber technology with a unique rivet-based clamp shield design to improve heat dissipation and cooling. DEI’s Titanium Pipe Shield provides heat protection up to 1350°F.This proprietary fiber technology combined with DEI’s unique shield standoff bracket design provides an air gap between the shield and pipe that together provides the maximum potential for cooling and heat dissipation.With the strategic placement of DEI’s Titanium Pipe Shield near transmissions, brake lines, floorboards, body panels, diesel exhaust stacks or motorcycle pipes, radiant heat can be controlled for maximum protection and performance. · Capable of handling high temperature exposure up to 1350° F· Protects heat sensitive components, hoses, lines and electrical wiring· Easy to install with unique rivet-based pipe standoff brackets and pipe clamps· Reduces heat from entering vehicle when placed on exhaust pipes· Simple to re-position

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