Volvo Penta 3583115 Engine Cooling Pump - Albin 05-01-001

SKU: AP-05-01-001

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Volvo Penta 3583115 Engine Cooling Pump by Albin Marine 05-01-001 Albin Pump Marine flexible impeller pumps are designed to handle most commercial and pleasure boats needs for raw water applications. The self-priming ability makes FIP pumps being the right choice for engine cooling, bilge pumping and deck wash. The pumps have a long life due to the heavy duty design and ensure correct cooling flow with Albin Pump Marine premium Impellers. Replaces Volvo Penta part number: 3581558, 3583115, 3381158 Suits Volvo Penta engines: AD31A, AD31B, AD31D, AD31L-A, AD31P-A, AD31X-D, AD31X-D-US, AD41A, AD41B, AD41D, AD41L-A, AD41P, AD41P-A, AQAD31A, AQAD31B, AQAD41A, AQAD41B, AQD41A, D41A, D41B, D41D, D41L-A, KAD32, KAD32P, KAD32P-A, KAD42A, KAD42B, KAD42P, KAD42P-A, KAD42P-B, KAD43P, KAD43P-A, KAD44P, KAD44P/EDC, KAD44P-A, KAD44P-B, KAD44P-C, KAMD42A, KAMD42B, KAMD42P-A, KAMD43P, KAMD43P-A, KAMD44EDC, KAMD44P, KAMD44P-B, KAMD44P-C, TAMD31A, TAMD31B, TAMD31D, TAMD31D-CE,TAMD31L-A, TAMD31M, TAMD31P-A, TAMD31P-B, TAMD31S, TAMD41A, TAMD41B, TAMD41D, TAMD41H-A, TAMD41H-B, TAMD41M, TAMD41P, TAMD41P-A, TAMD41P-B, TAMD41P-HD, TAMD42WJ-A, TMD31A, TMD31B, TMD31D, TMD31L-A, TMD41A, TMD41B, TMD41D, TMD41L-A, TMD41P-A Pump does not include mounting o-ring 968971 or companion flange 858467

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