Boat Water Pump Pulley

Sizes: 4" Pulley
Sale price$54.90


Water Pump Pulleys in a variety of sizes... Cast Aluminium
Suit Common A Type V Belt
- 4" Diameter  Pulley
- 5" Diameter Pulley with Recess
- 6" Diameter Pulley with recess
- Dished UFO Pulley 17mm shaft...suit Johnson Pump
- Dished UFO Pulley with 5/8" Shaft...suit Fynspray Pump

All pulleys 5/8" dia Shaft Size
Johnson Special Dished Pulley (UFO Shaped) Shaft size 17mm

Recess is machined in the back of pulley to allow pulley to locate
over the pump nut & get the pulley closer to the pump.

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