Zero Off Speed Control Systems 3 Event & Wakeboard

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Zero Off is a GPS speed control system, based solely on the input from satellites and the engine management system. It is based completely on the speed across the surface of the water; therefore, there is no requirement for skier weight, crew weight, KX, PX or even any kind of wind adjustment. You simply set the desired speed and go.

Zero Off provides true closed loop control of boat speed which means that, as long as the boat motor has enough power, the boat will accurately track the speed desired by the driver without any need for complicated setup information to be entered into the system. Simply pick your desired speed, and shove the throttle handle wide open. ZeroOff will take care of the rest. Closed loop speed feedback is based on signals received from the worldwide GPS satellite system put in place by the US government. For this reason, there is no need for maintenance intensive and unreliable pilot tubes or paddle wheels to provide a speed measurement. As long as the GPS antenna can see the sky, the ZeroOff is good to go with speeds controlled to within 0.1mph at all times... no calibration or setup procedures required. Using GPS also allows ZeroOff to take advantage of position information provided by the satellite signals. ZeroOff can use GPS data to identify a boat's location on the surface of the earth with sufficient accuracy that courses for sports such as Slalom and Jump competitions can be mapped and memorized.

  • Complete Tournment GPS Speed Control
  • Slalom
  • Jump
  • Trick/Wakeboard
  • All Buoy and Course Timing
  • Two GPS Antenna
  • 10 Course Mapping Memory
  • Recallable Course Timing Memory
  • Skier Profile Memory
  • Waypoint Mapping Feature
  • Auto Course Detect


Compatibility Note: Zero Off control systems are only compatible with model year 2007 or newer boats which utilize an EControls drive-by-wire engine control unit. Please refer to your boat's manual for more information.

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