Zinc Propeller Shaft Anodes

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Size: 3/4 inch
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Protect your boat with the Zinc Propeller Shaft Anodes.

These 2-piece anodes are designed to fit snugly around the propeller shaft, ensuring optimal protection against corrosion. Complete with large Philips head stainless steel bolts and stainless steel nyloc nuts, these anodes are built for durability. Their recessed design allows for easy disassembly using a socket spanner.

Keep your boat in top condition with these reliable anodes.

Zinc Anode Range - "Cheras"

Superb quality range of Australian made "CHERAS" brand zinc anodes. These anodes are manufactured from high grade zinc alloy - 99.9% pure - and conform to Australian Standard AS2239 and U.S Military spec. 18001J. They have an excellent clean, presentable finish for open shop display. Each anode has the Australian Standard number, the weight and the anode
code number stamped into it for easy identification. A large range of anodes are available to suit most applications.

Propeller Shaft Anodes

2 piece anodes to fit around the propeller shaft. Supplied complete with 2 x large philips head stainless steel bolts and stainless steel nyloc nuts. The anodes have a recess large enough to get a socket spanner around the head of the nut for easier disassembly.

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